Conference: International Symposium on Material Design & 14th USPEX Workshop

International Symposium on Material Design & 14th USPEX Workshop

The international symposium on material design & 14th USPEX Workshop will be held on June 24-26, 2018 at Nankai University in Tianjin, China. The conference will be co-sponsored by Nankai University, Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology (Russia), Northwestern Polytechnical University, and University of Nevada, Las Vegas. The workshopp will feature lectures of well-known experts and young rising stars, actively working in the fields of condensed matter physics and materials science. One of the most powerful methods for computational materials discovery, the USPEX code, and its most recent developments, will be introduced through both theory lectures and practical hands-on training sessions.

Please register as soon as possible, by sending an email with CV to, the deadline for registrations is 25 May 2018. The most qualified participants will be selected and notified by 31 May 2018. The regular registration fee is 400 RMB, discounted fee for students is 300 RMB. Allparticipants (except lecturers) arein charge of their own travel and livingcosts. The organization committee would provide free food during the meeting and may help someone to book the hotel at Nankai University (if possible). For practical training, it is important that you bring your own laptop. Thank you!

Sincerely yours,

On behalf of the organization committee

Profs. Xiao Dong, Xiang-Feng Zhou, Qiang Zhu, and Artem R. Oganov

Phone: +86-22-23503448

International Symposium on Material Design & 14th USPEX Workshop (06/24/2018-06/26/2018)

Place: The lecture room of first floor at Xingshen Building, Nankai University (南开大学省身楼一楼多功能报告厅)

For their convenience, the invited Speakers will give the talks either by English or Chinese, but it will be great helpful to prepare the PowerPoint file by English format (邀请报告可以用中文或英文表达,PPT文件最好用英文格式)


06/23/2018 (Saturday)

Registration at School of physics, Nankai University (Building 3)

06/24/2018 (Sunday)

9:00—9:20 Welcome to the workshop (Jingjun Xu, Artem Oganov) and take group photo

9:30—10:10 Prof. Artem. Oganov, “Crystal structure prediction and the USPEX code”

10:20—11:00 Prof. Oleg Yazyev,“High-throughput search for novel topological materials”

11:10—11:20 Tea break

11:20—12:00 Prof. Pierre Villars, “PAULING FILE, a database for inorganic crystalline substances, and its use in computational materials discovery”

12:10 LUNCH

14:00—14:40 Prof. Nikolay Dokholyan, “Prediction of protein structure”

14:50—15:30 Prof. Zhong Fang (方忠教授), “Topological semimetals”

15:40—15:50 Tea break

15:50—16:30 Prof. Wanlin Guo (郭万林教授), “Hydrovoltaic Effect in low-dimensional functional materials”

16:40—17:20 TUTORIAL“Crystal structure prediction, including high-pressure phases” (A.R. Oganov and X. Dong)

17:30 DINNER

06/25/2018 (Monday)

9:00—9:40 Dr. QuanSheng Wu (吴泉生博士), “An introduction of an open-source software package WannierTools”

9:50—10:20 Prof. Jie Guan (管杰教授), “Designing novel two-dimensional nanostructures”

10:30—10:40 Tea break

10:40—11:20 Prof. Qiang Zhu (朱强教授), “Combining crystal structure prediction with high throughput data mining in materials discovery”

11:30—12:10 Prof. Yong Xu (徐勇教授), “Topological quantum states of electrons and phonons: new materials and applications”

12:20 LUNCH

14:00—14:40 Prof. Yanling Li (李延龄教授), “Theoretical design and physical properties of alkali metal-based compounds”

14:50—15:30 Prof. Jian Sun (孙建教授), “Phase transitions and materials design under high pressure”

15:40—15:50 Tea break

15:50—16:30 Prof. Xing-Qiu Chen (陈星秋教授), “Topological phonon of atomic periodic lattices in real materials”

16:40—17:20 TUTORIAL “Predicting stable compounds: variable-composition version of USPEX” (A.R. Oganov and Q. Zhu)

17:30 DINNER

06/26/2018 (Tuesday)

9:00—9:40 Prof. Jijun Zhao (赵纪军教授), “Computational design for novel 2D materials”

9:50—10:30 Prof. Yongjun Tian (田永君教授), “Prospects of superhard materials”

10:40—10:50 Tea break

10:50—11:10 Dr. Alex Kvashnin, “Design of novel superhard materials”

11:20—11:50 Prof. Xiang-Feng Zhou (周向锋教授), “Two-dimensional magnetic materials from USPEX search”

12:00 LUNCH

14:00—14:20 Dr. Eugene Tikhonov, “Cluster structure prediction by USPEX”

14:30—15:30 TUTORIAL“Prediction of 2D-crystals with the USPEX code” (Dr. Zhenhai Wang)

15:40—16:10 Q&A, Summary and Conclusions

17:00 DINNER


All invited speakers will be accommodated at Huigao Garden Hotel [邀请报告人将安排住在天津汇高花园酒店, 天津市南开区白堤路236号增1(南开大学西门对面)]

1. Huigao Garden Hotel, Nankai, Tianjin, China [天津汇高花园酒店, 天津市南开区白堤路236号增1(南开大学西门对面)]

Tel for booking: 400-778-6288

2. Nankai University Mingzhu Garden, Nankai, Tianjin, China (南开大学明珠园)

Tel for booking: 022-23501555


3. Jinjiang Inn (Anshan West Road Branch) 锦江之星旅馆(鞍山西道店)

Tel for booking: 022-23660000

Transportation Information:

By Taxi:

1. A taxi from Tianjin Binhai International Airport to Huigao Garden Hotel will take about 50 minutes; the fee is around ¥ 90.

2. If you fly to Beijing Capital International Airport firstly (首都国际机场), and then you can take the airport shuttle to Traffic group of Tianhuan passenger(天津市天环客运站). It will take about two and half hours with the ticket fee ¥ 80. Finally, you can go to Huigao Garden Hotel by taxi. [首都机场乘车站点:首都机场3号航站楼出港大厅3号门附近、首都机场2号航站楼出港大厅15号门附近。终点:天津市天环客运站]