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    The Physics Department was one of the earliest disciplines in Nankai University which founded in 1919. Famous physicist professor Wu Dayou has taught in the Department, Nobel prize winner Professor Yang ChenNing and Professor Li Zhengdao is the department's honorary professor. In 1922, the Department of physics has formal established, the first director of the Department was Rao Yutai (tenure: 1922 - 1930), than Gu Jinghui, (tenure: 1937 - 1930). After the outbreak of the war, the school moved to Kunming. Nankai University, PekingUniversity, and TsinghuaUniversity were merged into Southwestern Associated University. After the victory of Anti-Japanese War, Nankai University was moved back to Tianjin, the director of the department was Professor Pan Xiaoshuo (tenure: 1945 - 1949). Professor Liu Jinnian served as director of the physics department in 1949 to 1952. In 1952, Physics Department of Beiyang University merged into our Department and the dean of the Department was Professor Jiang Ancai (1952 - 1966). Than these professors have served as directors of Physics Department, Professor He Guozhu (tenure: 1984 - 1978), Professor Mu Guoguang (tenure: 1984), Professor Zhang Guangyin (tenure: 1991 - 1987), and Professor Pan Shihong (tenure: 1987 - 1984, 1997 - 1991) .


     In 1984, according to the needs of subject construction and development, the research and development of the school administrative conference decided to build up a modern optical research laboratory, which is composed of three sections: Semiconductor, radio, and vacuum physics. In 1998, the physical department was converted into physical science school, and the first director was Professor Hu Beilai.


     Our school has accomplished impressive achievements in teaching and research. In the last five years, we have taken more than 200 projects, including 14 National 973 projects, one 863 high technology project, 90 National Natural Science Foundation projects, more than 20 officially published books and won more than 40 national and ministerial scientific, technological and teaching achievements. Physics experimental teaching center of school is the national experimental teaching demonstration center, the physics experiment teaching team is awarded as the national teaching team.


      School has more than 100 teachers, including 45 professors and 31 associate professors. Among the faculty numbers 1 is academician of ChineseAcademy of Sciences, 4 were the winners of “Chang Jiang Scholar Award Project” issued by the Ministry of Education, 6 were awarded the National Funds for Distinguished Young, 4 were awarded “Cross Century Talent and 17 were awarded “New Century Talent”.