Jianguo Tian, Prof. Dr.


Jianguo Tian, Professor

Doctoral supervisor, and winner of Outstanding Young Investigator Award. In recent years, his research group has published over 300 papers on the magazines such as Nano Lett. , Light: Science & Applications, Adv. Mater. , Adv. Funct. Mater. , Appl. Phys. Lett. , Opt. Lett. , etc., and he has cited SCI for over 2600 times. He undertook over ten scientific research projects such as National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars, special project for preliminary national major fundamental research, National Basic Research Program, etc., was awarded with the Second Prize of National Natural Science Award of Tianjin as the responsible person of mechanism, measurement and application of weak light nonlinear topics, and was awarded with the First Prize of National Natural Science Award of Tianjin as the fourth participant of the carbon nanomaterials preparation and its nature research topic.


Research field: 1 Optical property and regulation of associated photonics micro-structure; 2 Optics nonlinear of carbon structure new materials; 3 Research on photon detection technology and its biosensing applications, etc.


Selected Publications:

1. Ping Yu, Jianxiong Li, Chengchun Tang, Hua Cheng, Zhaocheng Liu, Zhancheng Li, Zhe Liu, Changzhi Gu, Junjie Li, Shuqi Chen, and Jianguo Tian, Controllable optical activity with non-chiral plasmonic metasurfaces, Light: Science & Applications, 5, e16096 (2016).

2. Xu-Dong Chen, Wei Xin, Wen-Shuai Jiang, Zhi-Bo Liu, Yongsheng Chen, and Jian-Guo Tian, High-Precision Twist-Controlled Bilayer and Trilayer Graphene. Adv. Mater., 28, 2563 (2016).

3. Hua Cheng, Zhaocheng Liu, Shuqi Chen, and Jianguo Tian, Emergent functionality and controllability in few-layer metasurfaces, Adv. Mater. 27, 5410 (2015).

4. Fei Xing, Gui-Xian Meng, Qian Zhang, Lei-Ting Pan, Peng Wang, Zhi-Bo Liu, Wen-Shuai Jiang, Yongsheng Chen, and Jian-Guo Tian, Ultrasensitive Flow Sensing of a Single Cell Using Graphene-Based Optical Sensors, Nano Lett., 14,3563 (2014).

5. Liu Z-B, Tian J-G, Guo Z, Ren D-M, Du F, Zheng J-Y, and Chen Y-S, Enhanced optical limiting effects in porphyrin-covalently functionalized single-walled carbon nanotubes. Adv. Mater., 20, 511 (2008).

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