Lecture: Integrated coherent electro-optics

Speaker:  Dr. Mian Zhang, Harvard University

Time & Date: 16:00-17:00, 2018 Jan. 15

Venue: Room 104 in the School of Physics Building

Titel: Integrated coherent electro-optics

Abstract:Controlling  light with microwave electrical signals plays a paramount role in a  wide range of applications from telecommunication to emerging quantum  technologies. Despite the existence of bulk electro-optic modulators for  many decades and recent advances in integrate photonics with Si and  III-V materials, the direct interaction strength between light and  microwave is still extremely weak which severely limits applications. In  this talk,  I will show you that strong and direct interaction between microwave  and light can be achieved on an integrated photonic platform that is  robust and scalable. I will introduce our very recent breakthrough on  the development of an ultralow loss electro-optics platform using  monolithically integrated lithium niobite nanowaveguides. This novel  platform possesses three key ingredients that have not coexisted before:  1) Large and linear electro-optic susptability Efficient  co-localization of microwave and light. 3) Extremely low optical loss. I  will highlight through experimental progresses in low-Vp modulator  and quantum coherent microwave-to-photon interface that this unique  combination of properties completely shifts the existing paradigm of  microwave-optical interfaces and is producing a burst of opportunities  for novel electro-optic devices.