Lecture: Supernova equation of state based on the variational many-body theory

Speaker: Dr. Hajime Togashi from RIKEN, Japan

Time & Date: 15:00-16:00 March 15th, 2018

Venue: Room 208 in the School of Physics


We  have constructed a new table of the nuclear equation of state (EOS) for  numerical simulations of core-collapse supernovae. The EOS of uniform  nuclear matter has been calculated with the cluster variational method  based on the AV18 and UIX potentials. For non-uniform nuclear matter, we  have adopted the Thomas-Fermi approximation following the method by  Shen, Toki, Oyamatsu and Sumiyoshi in order to obtain the EOS of  inhomogeneous phase in a self-consistent manner. Then, the obtained free  energy and related thermodynamic quantities are tabulated in wide  ranges of density, temperature, and proton fraction. 
In this talk,  we systematically compare the thermodynamic quantities of the present  EOS with those of the Shen EOS. Furthermore, we discuss the properties  of our EOS in core-collapse supernova simulations.