Research Team from Nankai University Achieved Significant Progress in Quantum Chromodynamics


As one of the four fundamental forces in the nature, the strong interaction is evidently responsible for the stability of the matter word. Consequently, exploring the ultimate mystery of the strong interaction in the framework of modern quantum field theory has been becoming the long-standing aspiration of the entire physics community.

Together with the two scientists, Tobias Huber and Yao Ji (currently a postdoc in the research group of Martin Beneke at Technical University of Munich), from Siegen university in Germany, Dr. Jing and Prof. Yu-Ming Wang working at School of Physics of Nankai University accomplished, for the first time, the two-loop analytic calculation for the transition form factor governing the golden exclusive process of the two-photon production of the pion state, by applying the QCD factorization theorem. This remarkable achievement pushes forward significantly the theory investigation of the very form factor at one-loop obtained in 1981. In particular, the yielding theory results have been fully confirmed by another research group from Regensburg University and Hamburg University independently.

On February 8, 2022, the scientific work entitled Next-to-Next-to-Leading-Order QCD prediction for the photon-pion form factor was published in the Physical Review Letters online. 

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