Scientists from Nankai University Revealed the Variation Trends in Periodic Law and Chemical Properties of Elements under Pressure


In recent years, researchers have discovered that pressure would significantly change the properties of elements and electrons, thus leading to various physical and chemical phenomena. This discovery serves as an important channel for solving scientific problems, such as unconventional material synthesis and the circulation of materials within the interior of the planet. Although abundant exotic physical and chemical phenomena under pressure were discovered, researchers have not found convincing explanations with complete and effective theoretical models for them yet. 

Various experiment results have indicated that the periodic law of elements would undergo variations under high pressure, which is also a breakthrough for the study of physical and chemical laws under high pressure. The research group led by Associate Professor Xiao Dong from the School of Physics of Nankai University, in cooperation with the research group led by Professor Artem R. Oganov from Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology in Russia, and other collaborators, have spent nearly ten years studying the variation trends of the chemical properties of the elements under pressure. Their project has recently published as a research paper titled Electronegativity and Chemical Hardness of Elements under Pressure on the PNAS (Proc Natl Aca. Sci 119, 2117416119 (2022)). 

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