2022 Physics Academic Annual Conference Was Held Successfully


The Faculty Conference of the School of Physics & 2022 Nankai Physics Academic Annual Conference was successfully held on Dec. 30th. The faculty gathered online to learn from the past experiences, honor the excellent talents, plan for the future development, and build consensus. More than 130 faculties and post-doctors of the School of Physics and TEDA Institute of Applied Physics attended the conference. Shi Yonghong, the secretary of the party committee of the school, hosted the opening ceremony.

The school has always adhered to the guidance of first-class party building, focused on the task of reform and development, comprehensively implemented moral cultivation, and accelerated the establishment of first-class disciplines. At the conference, Zhang Guoquan, the Dean of the School of Physics, reviewed the achievements of the school in the past year, and prospected and planned the establishment of first-class physics discipline and the work plan for the next year. In 2022, the party committee of the school was selected as the founding unit of the Pilot Project of party building in Tianjin. The teachers' team of Optics and Photonics was selected into the second batch of National College Teachers Team of Huang Danian by the Ministry of Education. The school’s physics education model reform and theoretical mechanics courses were selected as the first national virtual teaching and research office construction projects. Two research results were selected for the 2021 Top 10 Advances in Optics in China  and the 2022 Advances in Optics of the Optical Society of America. Prof. Liu Yubin was selected as a renowned teacher of the National High-level Talents Special Support Program. Ms. Zhang Siyao won the first prize in the National College Physics Teaching Competition for Young teachers and the gold medal in the International Young Physicists’ Tournament. The team led by Prof. Song Feng and other teachers won the top five places in the International Physics Olympiad. The school has also achieved breakthroughs in scientific research innovation with various papers published in the top international physics journals, including Physical Review Letters, Light: Science & Applications. One program and five projects of the school was approved by the Ministry of Science and Technology as key R&D plans, and one project was approved by as the National Foundation of China as a major research integrated project. The school successfully built ultra-clean laboratory of the low-light nonlinear photonics key laboratory of the Ministry of Education in Boling Tower and actively promoted the building of the innovation platform of micro-nano technology and photo-electronic chips and the Interdisciplinary Science Center of Condensed Matter Photonics. The school has made outstanding achievements in education reform as it has fastened its steps in advancing the international platform, vigorously realized new results in science and technology innovation, made new progress in the building of talent teams while 6 talents of the school were newly honored as national talents. The features of the school and the characteristics of Nankai University have become more and more prominent, as talents of the School of Physics of Nankai University are forging ahead in a new era, delivering new voices, and achieving new development.

The conference honored individuals and groups who have made outstanding contributions to the school's development, the battle against the pandemic, expressing teachers' ethics as role models, education and teaching, scientific research and innovation, management services and talent training in 2022. The conference highly praised the advanced talents of the faculty members who had the courage to take responsibilities with dedication, strive for success, stand out at key moments and always work hard on the front line in the work of the centennial discipline celebration, pandemic prevention and control, teaching and scientific research management, and so on.

In the morning session of the conference, 8 keynote presentations were arranged to share the prominent achievements and the latest results of the school in the aspects of courses of ideology and politics, academic achievements and experimental teaching. Cai Wei, Zhang Xinzheng, Dong Xiao and Fu Xuewen reported their cutting-edge achievements respectively under the topics of Research on Near Field Imaging and Application of Mid-Infrared Graphene Plasmons, Topological Control of Terahertz Waves in Nonlinear Photon Chips, Law of Elements Under High Pressure, Development and Preliminary Application of the New Generation of 4D Ultrafast Transmission Electron Microscope Based on Field Emission Electron Gun. Centered around the theme of New Understanding and New Practice of Courses of Ideology and Politics, Liu Yubin shared practical experience and ideas of courses of ideology and politics combining with specific cases. Zhang Siyao delivered a lecture with the title of Sound Speed Measurement as an example teaching. Wu Yuanbin and Chen Xudong, new enrolled teachers of the school, introduced the latest research trends respectively on behalf of the youth force.

In the afternoon session of the conference, there were 5 parallel sessions of optics, theories, condensed matter physics, experiment center and post-doctorate. More than 90 teachers presented reports on the practice of courses of ideology and politics, the research focus of the discipline and innovative works. The reports were illustrated and easily-understanding, bringing interdisciplinary thinking and inspiration. A full-day academic feast benefited and inspired the teachers and students who participated in so that their minds for the next stage of work were broadened.